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How Often Do You Clean Your Heated Styling Tools?

Woman drying hair

The new year has a way of making us reflect on our day-to-day practices. As one year ends and another begins, you might find yourself questioning how you could better prepare for the next twelve months. How can you improve your diet? How can you achieve a better work-life balance? What about your skincare? How […]

Why & How to Use Marula Oil on Your Hair

Woman using marula oil on hair

Want soft, luscious locks? With so many ingredients on the market, it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re on the lookout for a hair product that will work. However, whether you opt for hair mousses, leave-in conditioners, nourishing masks, or anything else, there’s one ingredient that has withstood the test of time, making it a […]

The 14 Holiday Hair Trends We’re Most Excited About

Woman with wavy hair

Do you hear the sweet, tinkling sounds of the holidays closing in? We certainly do!  And you know what that means: decking your house with ornaments, pampering yourself, and, of course, glamming up your gorgeous hair!  All over the internet, you scroll through tons of hair trends for the holidays. But how do you decide […]


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