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Author Archives: Nubi Editor

Styling Curtain Bangs With a Straightener: 11 Tips From the Pros

Woman styling curtain bangs with straightener

Maybe you’ve had curtain bangs for years now, or perhaps you’ve only just taken the plunge. Either way, if you constantly find yourself searching the term ‘styling curtain bangs with straightener’ in the hopes of learning this super helpful and incredibly quick technique, you’re certainly not alone. You’ve also come to just the right place!  […]

Body Care 101: Skin & Lifestyle Tips for a Healthier-Looking You

Woman practicing body care

When you hear the word “beauty” and “health,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably skincare or even hair care. After all, your face and hair are the moneymakers, right? So, it’s important to keep them in tip-top condition all the time. But while shopping for a luxurious cleanser and toner or splurging […]