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Give Your Skin a Glow with This Easy Daily Skincare Routine

Woman following daily skincare routine

Flawless-looking skin is rarely something you’re blessed with naturally. Most of the time, there’s a solid daily skincare routine behind that glowy, healthy-looking complexion. Skincare habits play a huge role in how your skin looks. Just because you aren’t graced with naturally perfect, poreless skin doesn’t mean you can’t take necessary measures to keep your […]

5 Romantic Hairstyles That Don’t Involve Braids

Romantic hairstyles on woman

Whether you have a work event or a casual brunch penciled into your schedule, you can always fall back on timeless, romantic hairstyles to elevate your look. No matter the occasion, putting a little extra time and effort into styling your locks can take an otherwise simple look beyond. Romantic hairstyles, in particular, are the […]

How to Style Your Hair with a Hair Dryer

Woman creating hair dryer styles

If you’re a self-proclaimed hairstyling enthusiast, you’ll likely have a handful of heat-styling tools you use often to create different styles and textures for your hair. You probably have curling wands, straightening irons, and even those cutting-edge ionic blowers everyone’s talking about on Instagram. But it’s important not to get so caught up with these […]

Why & How to Use Marula Oil on Your Hair

Woman using marula oil on hair

Want locks that feel soft and luscious? With so many ingredients on the market, it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re on the lookout for a hair product that will work. However, whether you opt for hair mousses, leave-in conditioners, nourishing masks, or anything else, there’s one ingredient that has withstood the test of time, […]