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9 Mistakes You’re Making When Washing Your Hair

Woman washing hair

Since you’ve likely been washing your own hair for at least a decade or two now, we aren’t about to tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing! However, as it turns out, there are actually a fair few mistakes we’ve all been making when sudsing up our tresses. There’s also a good chance that these easily made errors could be damaging our locks without us even realizing it! Nubi shampoo and conditioner can help fix some of these problems.

No need to panic. Nubi Hair is about to lay out all of the possible hair washing missteps you might be making. Here are some easy ways to rectify them:

Don’t: Wash your hair in the bath, but if you do, do it first!

Woman in bath

You may well have heard that washing your hair in the bath is an absolute no-no. There are a couple of common reasons for that. 

Firstly, for many of us, bath time means slipping into a tub full of very warm, or sometimes very hot, water. These high water temperatures are really not great for your hair. They can easily strip your scalp of necessary moisture. This often leads to dryness. 

What’s the damage you ask?

Unfortunately, it can lead to…

  • Frizziness
  • Hair breakage
  • A dry, itchy scalp
  • In very extreme cases, even hair loss 

Secondly, baths are the perfect time to relax and unwind. This means we often treat ourselves to scented bath bombs, oils, salts, or bubbles. As you might have guessed, the ingredients used in bath products aren’t designed for your hair. 

Therefore, you’ll quickly discover they leave a greasy or powdery residue throughout your locks as you’re dipping your hair into the water and using it to rinse out your favorite Nubi shampoo and conditioner.

Do: Wash your hair before putting in any other products

So, if you do want/need to wash your hair in the bath, we highly suggest doing so before you put any other products into the bathwater. This way, though the water may be a little hotter than recommended to wash your locks, it will at least be nice and clean to wet your hair before applying your Nubi shampoo and conditioner. It will also stay clean enough to rinse it out afterward.

Want a pro tip?

We thought so!

If you have a shower you can use whilst in the bath and it won’t totally ruin your chill-out time, we suggest leaving a little room for more water in your tub. This way, you can use your shower in a lukewarm setting to rinse your hair through post washing and conditioning. 

Don’t: Wash your hair every single day

We won’t go on and on here because we’re certain you know by now that washing your hair every single day is rarely a good idea. Especially if you have gorgeous curly hair that’s prone to dryness.


There are two main reasons.

  • It can cause dryness to your scalp and your hair by constantly washing away its natural sebum.
  • Those with naturally oily hair, who wash it repeatedly to be rid of that feeling, may even find their tresses start to become greasier the more they wash! 

This happens when your hair begins to overcompensate for all the dryness. As a result, it produces way more oils in an attempt to re-balance the feel of the scalp.

Do: Wash your hair only when it needs it

Woman washing hair

To combat this, we suggest getting to know your hair very well and only washing it when you actually need to. 

This may sound silly or just totally obvious but the truth is, we’re creatures of habit. So whilst we get into routines easily we find it much harder to break them. That may well mean that whilst you’re used to washing and conditioning your hair every day, every other day, and so on, it might not be what your hair actually needs.

Take some time to observe your hair over the next couple of weeks. Don’t reach for your Nubi shampoo and conditioner just because ‘it’s wash day’. Try giving it a miss and see how your hair responds. You may even find it only needs washing once or twice a week!

If that’s not the case and your hair remains oily for a little while, don’t go straight back to daily washing. As we covered earlier, the more you wash, the more your hair will fight to increase natural oils that are being stripped daily. 

Try washing every other day instead. We bet you’ll discover your hair starts to adjust to its new schedule much more easily than you think. 

Finally, if your hair is on the dryer side and missing its conditioner, you can always top up with a great serum to smooth out your strands and add shine.

Don’t: Wash your hair in a scalding hot shower

We’ll go into the reasons why you shouldn’t be punishing your skin in super hot showers another time. (Spoiler alert: your skin will dry out from the heat as quickly as your hair will!) For now, let’s discuss why it’s bad for your hair. 

As we already mentioned, heat from water that’s too hot can cause damage to your scalp. How? It dehydrates the sensitive skin in this area.

Meanwhile, hot water also makes your hair increasingly more porous the more you use it. This means your locks become much more sensitive to potential damage from environmental factors, such as hot sunshine, extreme cold, or heavy winds. Styling tools will also struggle to work well. All of this can stress out and dry out your hair in no time. 

Do: Opt for lukewarm water instead

Rather than scalding your poor scalp and damaging its natural balance with near-boiling water, (we’ve all been guilty of it!), you want your hair to remain protected and sealed. 

Simply switching things up by using lukewarm water instead will have a much more positive cleansing effect on your strands. It’s warm enough to rid your hair of excess product, shampoo, and conditioner, but it won’t freak out your follicles or upset the skin’s natural balance in the process

Don’t: Brush your wet hair from top to bottom

We’ve lost count of the times we see women treating themselves to a luxurious cleanse and condition with their Nubi shampoo and conditioner, only to then start ripping through their freshly washed locks from top to bottom with a comb.

We know it might seem quicker, we know it might be what you’re used to, but trust us, it is killing your hair! 

Now, we can’t totally point the finger. We’ve all been guilty of quickly combing out our wet hair as fast as we can so we can get out the door on time in the morning. However, just try to remember next time you go to commit the ultimate post-hair-wash crime, it’s actually not saving you any time…

Do: Start brushing from the ends and work your way up

Woman combing wet hair

The truth is, starting at the bottom of your hair and working your way up releases tangles far quicker than the other way around. Not to mention, you can say goodbye to that horrific pulling action that not only rips at your hair but also actually hurts your scalp at the same time!

Nubi Hair also recommends treating your locks to a few spritzes of de-tangling or styling spray. Let it sit for a minute or so before you begin combing or brushing your wet hair. 

Again, we know the wait might seem like a waste of time. However, it will make all the difference and save you so much time in the long run. Not to mention, your hair will feel way healthier and breakage-free!

Of course, your Nubi shampoo and conditioner will have already set you up for a successful brush through thanks to its amazing smoothing action. It makes untangling your hair feel easier and silkier than ever before!

Don’t: Use hair conditioner on your scalp

All those with super dry hair, we feel your pain. We know it can feel incredibly tempting just to slather the conditioner from your Nubi shampoo and conditioner set right onto your roots. But, doing so is not a good idea!

Wondering why that is?

We can explain…

Hair conditioner is great for adding moisture and shine to your locks. However, it’s not designed for this area of the hair. Adding it here may feel okay at first. But you’ll quickly notice that rather than caring for your hair in a beautiful and bouncy way, it’ll actually end up making it look flat as it weighs the hair down with too much moisture

Additionally, it can sometimes even clog the hair follicles. This makes cleansing your hair much more difficult. 

Do: Condition the ends and mid-lengths of your hair

Rather than going through all of this, Nubi Hair suggests applying the moisturizing component from your Nubi shampoo and conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair only. 

Though it may seem like it won’t help your roots to become more moisturized, enough of the formula will make its way up your hair to leave it feeling soft and conditioned without an oily build-up, which you might experience through direct application. 

What’s more, since your roots naturally create the correct amount of sebum to protect your hair from within, as this works down your strands it’ll come to a point where it meets the conditioned areas. This means that all of your hair is then protected without excessive moisturization. Perfect.

Don’t: Ignore product build-up

If you’re finding that products you use (such as mousses, gels, or dry shampoos) are beginning to build up within your hair, don’t ignore it. More accurately, don’t assume your usual wash and condition routine will be enough to solve the problem…

Do: Lather, rinse, & repeat as needed

Woman washing hair with Nubi shampoo and conditioner

In times like these, your Nubi shampoo and conditioner will be your best friends. 

Firstly, the cleansing action of the Nubi shampoo will work to remove that product if you simply take the time to massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. If you rinse out with lukewarm water and your hair still feels unclean, go ahead and wash it gently one more time. 

After two washes, your hair will need a little extra care and attention. That’s where the latter half of the Nubi shampoo and conditioner comes in! 

The ultra-moisturizing, protein-rich formula will work to re-balance the feel of your locks. It’ll smooth them out for a tangle-free brush through. It will also add moisture to combat any potential dehydration. 

Don’t: Scratch at your scalp

Yes, we know, scratching your scalp whilst washing your hair can feel seriously amazing. Even more so after taking out a super tight ponytail! But, whilst the relief may seem great, especially in warmer weather where our scalps tend to become drier in the heat, doing this will only serve to damage your scalp leaving it feeling dry and flaky. Definitely not the outcome we’re going for!

Do: Give yourself a head massage

Whilst the relief from a head massage may not be as instantaneous as it is from head-scratching, trust us, the relief will come. Plus, your scalp with thank you for approaching any itchiness with a kinder, softer approach. 

Keep in mind that it’s perfectly natural to find your scalp is itchy from time to time. However, if it becomes a frequent occurrence for you and you’re constantly needing to fight the urge to scratch it, there may be an underlying issue that needs addressing with your dermatologist.

Don’t: Lather up and rinse out in under a minute

If you feel like you’re in a constant rush these days trying to get things done and out of the way as quickly as humanly possible, you’re not alone. However, if this is also the approach you’re taking when it comes to washing and conditioning your locks, let us implore you to stop! 

Working your Nubi shampoo and conditioner into a lather on barely wet hair and then immediately rinsing it out will hardly give it time to coat the hair, let alone clean it properly. 

Do: Take your time to massage your shampoo into your scalp

Massaging your scalp may seem like a luxury in terms of time. However, once you get used to including it in your hair wash routine, you’ll wonder how and why you never did it before!

Instead of simply scrubbing at your hair with your palms, go ahead and make sure you’re paying attention to the scalp using your fingertips to massage the hair at the root. This will not only ensure you get a great cleanse in, but it will also stimulate blood flow through your scalp. 

Don’t: Scrub at your wet hair with a rough towel

We hardly need to tell you that roughing up your hair with a towel can cause damage. However, it might actually be worse than you think. 

This bad habit not only dries out the hair, but can also cause lasting breakage, split ends, and uncontrollable frizz. No thank you!

Do: Pat it dry with a soft, clean, dry towel

Patting your hair with a clean dry towel is so much kinder to your locks. It’ll dry the ends, mid-length, and roots well enough for you to blow dry it or let it air dry on its own. What’s more, you won’t be creating any split ends or out-of-control patches with this gentle, and dare we say relaxing, drying action. 


Just about everyone would be guilty of making a few of these hair washing mistakes. Fortunately, now that you know the damage that they can cause, you can put things right. Check out the Nubi Hair blog for more hair care tips!

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