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Tress Trends 2024: The Hottest Hairstyles Making Waves

woman hair trend 2024

Hoping to do something a little different with your locks this year?

If you’re searching for inspiration, we’ve got your back. Read on as Nubi shares some of the hottest 2024 hair trends that you’ll be able to borrow from no matter your hair type or texture.

Birkin Bangs

Although Jane Birkin is most fondly remembered for being the inspiration behind the famous Birkin bag, her long and swishy bangs also wowed the world at the time, making them a long-standing hair trend throughout the 60s.

With the actress/singer sadly passing away in 2023, her iconic hairstyle has seen a resurgence, becoming one of the most sought-after 2024 hair trends. 

The key to getting Birkin bangs right is to have them trimmed to an eyelash-skimming length. They should be textural too and cut with soft lines. You don’t want to be sporting any harsh angles that detract from the easy and breezy nature of this style.

Once you’ve had the chop, careful styling is just as essential. Messy chic is the aim, so don’t go overboard with your styling tools or products. Instead, do as Jane did and allow your bangs to air-dry after they have been washed. Then, rake your fingers through your fringe to give your locks some extra movement and texture. 

Glass Hair

Nubi Conditioner

You’re probably familiar with the glass skin trend – it has taken over the skincare industry in recent years. So, it should come as no surprise that the concept has trickled into the hairstyling world too, resulting in glass hair becoming one of the top 2024 hair trends.

This trend is similar to the liquid hair trend that took the world by storm a couple of years ago. It involves hair that’s so straight and glossy that it looks just like glass.

The secret to pulling this look off is to make sure that your hair feels as hydrated and as healthy as possible. Keep your locks well-conditioned – the Nubi Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner would be great for this. 

A good flat iron is vital too if you want to achieve that silky sheen. The Nubi Straight N’ Soft 1.25” Ceramic Purple Styler is the perfect tool to get you there!

A 70s Blowout

The Blow Me Away Hairdryer

While the first of the 2024 hair trends that we featured is reminiscent of the 60s, this one brings the 70s back to life. This trend is all about replicating the big, bouncy, and gorgeously flirtatious blowouts that the decade was loved for.

Exaggerated shapes and plenty of volume are what you need for this retro look. It goes without saying that a high-quality blow dryer is essential, which is where the Nubi Blow Me Away comes in. It’s a professional-grade blow dryer with a powerful motor and several other functions that will make it a breeze to whip your tresses into a voluminous silhouette. 

Once your locks have been styled to perfection, keep them in place with a strong hold hairspray. The Nubi Styling Spray will give your hair the hold that it needs so that you can rock your 70s blowout from morning to night.

Face-Framing Layers

While some of these 2024 hair trends are newcomers, others have already been around for a while, yet this year will see them making even more of an impact. Face-framing layers fall into the latter category, with this much-loved style set to really take off in 2024.

This style sees hair cut into wispy layers that frame the face with feathery tendrils. It will immediately give your hair extra volume and movement while showcasing your best facial features. 

It’s not just for straight hair either – curly-haired gals can pull this style off too by opting for layers that enhance their curl patterns. 

The Italian Bob

Want to refresh your look with a short and low-maintenance hairstyle?

Meet the Italian bob. Also referred to as the Baroque bob, this style is inspired by Sophia Loren, another legendary icon who really knew how to wear her hair.

The Italian bob features chin-length locks that are intermingled with gentle waves. Gone are the layered bobs of 2023, with this style requiring a full and blunt cut that gives the hair some weight. This results in a heavier and more rounded finish, yet one that’s still soft, romantic, and ultra-glamorous.

Halo Silhouettes

Halo hair made a tentative appearance in 2023 and is now set to be one of the most popular 2024 hair trends. This angelic style features a rounded, halo-esque shape, whether this literally encircles the face or is more of an overall silhouette.

The beauty of this trend lies in its versatility. It works well for all hair types, although those with natural, coily hair tend to be able to embrace it most easily. Cut your hair to give it some balance while rounding off its shape, and then allow the intensity of your curls to take over.

If you have straight hair, you can achieve this dreamy trend by incorporating curved bangs and face-framing layers. 

A Soft and Feminine Pixie

The pixie cuts of 2023 were choppy and edgy, giving off a punk rock vibe. However, 2024 hair trends predict that the pixie will be undergoing a reboot this year…

Now, the pixie has gone to the other extreme; soft, feminine, and rounded. Rather than featuring blunt, razored ends, curls and textures will be embraced.

This is ideal for those who have been tempted to opt for the chop but were previously put off by the severity and androgynous nature of sharper pixie cuts. Although they’ll feel just as empowering, 2024’s pixies will be so much cuter, making them more accessible to the masses.

Wrapped With an Oversized Bow

Although not technically a hairstyle, trending accessories are worth paying attention to. Adorning your mane with a simple accessory can truly transform your look, giving your regular go-to styles a special touch.

If you’re only going to buy one hair accessory this year, make it a bow. However, don’t go with something small and subtle – oversized is what you need. In terms of material, anything goes. Organza and silk have beautifully feminine qualities while metallic fabrics are always attention-grabbing.

How should you use your bow? You could either keep things simple by wrapping it around a ponytail or a bun, or you could try adding it into a more intricate style, such as a Dutch braid or an elegant updo.

The Scandi Hairline

With millions of searches and views to its name, the Scandi hairline is one of the 2024 hair trends that has really blown up. It’s a great way to give your face a laid-back, sun-kissed glow, which will have a brightening effect on your complexion.

So, what exactly is the Scandi hairline? 

It involves using a fine comb to separate the baby hairs, aka those really soft hairs, from around your forehead, and then dyeing them so that they’re slightly lighter than the rest of your mane. This softens the hairline around the face but in a subtle way. It’s a low-maintenance look that’s exceptionally flattering and will work well no matter how you wear your hair.

The Wet Look

The wet look is a trend that frequently makes a comeback, and you can expect to see it once again in 2024. It was all over the SS24 runways, with Jason Wu, Tom Ford, Anna Sui, and Mui Mui all highlighting its appeal.

There are a couple of ways to approach this look. The first is to go sleek and slicked back. This gives the hair a glossy shine, almost as though you’ve just stepped out of the shower.

Alternatively, you could go down the grungier route. This has the effect of giving the style an edgier finish.

Whichever you choose, you’ll need a few hair products to pull this one off. A serum or a leave-in conditioner is a must, as is some hairspray to finish things off.

Skinny Headbands

Another hair accessory worth paying attention to in 2024 is the skinny headband. This is a world away from the broad and chunky headbands that dominated 2023, with these thin accessories emitting a playful, back-to-school vibe.

Unlike their large and padded counterparts, skinny headbands are much more subtle. Their sleek form is more laid-back and down-to-earth. They’ll still add a gorgeous touch to your outfit, ensuring that it looks perfectly put together, yet they won’t make quite as bold a statement.

The Side Part

Last but not least on our list of 2024 hair trends, let’s talk about the side part. A popular look in the early 2000s, a side part is easy to create and works well with so many styles.

If a middle part is all you’ve known for the past few years, you’ll need to train your hair to sit to the side. Do this by parting your hair while it’s still wet, immediately after you’ve washed it. Then, although you should usually wait until your hair is 80% dry before blow drying it, break that rule and blast it so that your new side part sets in place. The heat will lock your hair into the new direction it needs to fall in, helping to reshape your part.

Which side should you choose to part your hair on? There’s no right or wrong answer. Pick whichever works best in terms of highlighting your facial features. The side part is great for drawing attention to the jawline and the contours of the cheekbones, so experiment with the intensity of your part too. 

Explore the Best 2024 Hair Trends With Nubi

As you can see, 2024 promises to inject plenty of excitement into your hairstyling efforts. The best part is that many of these trends can be combined, enabling you to really make them yours. Whether you go for Birkin bangs with a 70s blowout, a glassy side part, or a halo-esque Italian bob, spend some time experimenting with your many different options and you’ll no doubt find a few favorites that you can turn to time and time again.

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