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12 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles You Can Get Done in 10 Minutes or Less

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Looking for a new way to wear your hair?

When it comes to hair inspiration, celebrities never fail to deliver. With access to some of the best hairstylists in the world, they’re always pushing the boundaries when it comes to trend-setting hairstyles.

With that said, not all celebrity hairstyles require a full team of professional stylists. Some may look like they’ve taken hours to put together but are surprisingly easy to recreate at home in under 10 minutes. To get you started, Nubi has rounded up 12 quick and easy hairstyles for you to try, with each one having earned stamps of approval from various famous faces.

1) Ariana Grande’s High Ponytail

The Blow Me Away Hairdryer

Ariana Grande’s sleek high ponytail is one of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles around at the moment. It’s a classic look that has been taken to the next level to give it more of a glamorous edge.

Ariana’s secret to this hairstyle is hair extensions but, if you already have plenty of length, you may not need these. Instead, blow dry your hair to give it some volume (Nubi’s Blow Me Away dryer is great for this), and then divide it horizontally into two sections. Create a ponytail with the top section, situating its base at the top of your crown. Once this has been tied off, create a ponytail with the lower section and use another elastic band to tie this to the first ponytail. 

The result will be an Ariana-esque finish with beautiful height and volume.

2) Rita Ora’s Braided Ribbons

Rita Ora is known for her love of hair accessories – the bolder and brighter, the better! The star has rocked many trendy hairstyles over the years, but this is one of her easiest looks to replicate.

You’ll need to start by sectioning your hair into two, just like you would if you were creating pigtails. Then, take two ribbons and tie each one around each section of your hair – again, just like you would for pigtails. Now that you have your two sections, it’s time to start braiding each one. Incorporate the ribbons into your braids as you work, before securing the ends with an elastic band. 

3) Blake Lively’s Beachy Waves


Many are envious of Blake Lively’s gorgeous golden locks, which she often wears loose and wavy. She’s the queen of beachy waves, a hairstyle that’s surprisingly quick to create if you have the right curling tools to turn to.

Our go-to tool for relaxed and wavy hairstyles is the Nubi Sleek Curl clipless curling wand. It’s a tapered curling wand that makes it so easy to produce beachy waves in just minutes. Curl your hair in sections and then, once you’re done, run your fingers through your curls to separate them and give them some extra texture.

4) Kendall Jenner’s Messy Bun

Kendall Jenner provides so much inspiration for trendy hairstyles but one of the easiest to replicate is her messy bun. You won’t even need to dedicate 10 minutes to this look – you’ll be able to have it done in half the time!

Start by blow drying your hair before pulling it back into a ponytail. How high or low your bun sits is completely up to you! Then, twist your ponytail around on itself to form the bun. Pull the ends of the bun through the center of your twist before securing everything in place with bobby pins. A quick spritz of hairspray will help you to lock everything in!

5) Hailey Bieber’s Braided Half-Up Hairstyle

Hailey Bieber is known for her love of classic half-up, half-down hairstyles. So, it should come as no surprise that the model has introduced her own spin to this look – one that involves braids.

If you often favor the half-up look, you’ll find this hairstyle super easy to create. Start by sectioning off the top half of your hair in the way that you usually would for a half-up style. Then, instead of tying this off, section it up again into two halves, one on each side of your center part. Tie these sections off with an elastic band, so that it looks like two half-up pigtails. Then, braid each pigtail before fastening the ends with another elastic. 

6) Jennifer Lopez’s Braided Bun

If you like the simplicity of a bun but prefer hairstyles that are more intricate in nature, you’ll love this JLO-inspired braided bun. There are a few different ways to create this hairstyle, but let’s focus on the fastest…

Start by tying your hair into a ponytail. Sit the base of your ponytail at the point of your head where you want your bun to be. Then, braid your ponytail, securing the end with an elastic band. After this, all you need to do is twist your braided pony into a bun, just like we described when talking about Kendall Jenner’s messy bun. Once your bun has been formed, use bobby pins to secure all of your strands.

7) Victoria Beckham’s Classic Low Ponytail

Simply Sleek Brush Teal

Many celebrity hairstyles are pretty complex, but Victoria Beckham’s classy low ponytail is about as simple as it gets. You’ll often see the star sporting this look, which always enhances the super-chic vibe that she’s all about.

The key to making this style look brilliant rather than boring is to make sure that your hair is completely tangle-free while also being voluminous. Nubi’s Simply Sleek Brush makes this easy. Brush your hair with this heated tool and not only will you give your locks a smoother and sleeker tangle-free finish, but you’ll also be adding some extra volume and movement that will have your ponytail looking elegant instead of drab.

8) Zoe Saldana’s Two-Strand Twist

Some people are able to manipulate their strands into a braid in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, others find braids to be quite fiddly, meaning that they take longer to create them. If you can relate to the latter, you’ll love Zoe Saldana’s two-strand twist. It looks like a braid but it’s so much faster to put together.

Begin by pulling your hair back and sectioning it off into two halves, rather than the three sections that you would use for a three-strand braid. Then, simply twist your two sections around each other, working your way from the top to your ends. Once you reach the ends, secure your strands with an elastic band. 

9) Dania Ramirez’s French Crown Braid

As mentioned above, if you’re not really a braid person, you may want to give this Dania Ramirez look a miss as it will likely take you longer than 10 minutes to accomplish. However, if braids are second nature to you and you’ve had plenty of practice with French braids, this style should only take a few minutes!

You’ll need to separate your hair into two sections and then French braid the first one. Start at your ears and instead of working your way down your back, bring your braid around the front of your head. Once you’re done, repeat with the second section so that the two braids meet at the middle of your head. Tuck the ends underneath each braid so that they’re not visible before spritzing your hair with some setting spray.

10) Halle Berry’s Loose Flowing Braids

Here’s another low-maintenance braid style to try, this time inspired by Halle Berry. Unlike the braided crown or braided bun that we’ve featured above, this hairstyle is much more laid back.

All you need to do is ensure that your hair is tangle-free before randomly choosing a few small sections around your head. Create tight braids with each section but don’t tie off the ends. Instead, leave them loose so that they flow into the rest of your hair, giving them a more subtle touch. It’s not a look that’s going to last for hours but it’s a great way to jazz up your locks in just a couple of minutes.

11) Selena Gomez’s Tousled Lob

Selena Gomez really helped the lob to shoot to fame, especially once she started rocking this style with a more tousled texture. If your hair is cut into a lob, tousling it up gives it some movement and some edge in a way that’s capable of completely transforming your look.

How do you create those tousles? The easiest way is with a curling wand. You won’t need to curl all of your hair – simply pick out random sections and give them some gentle curls. Use your fingers to ensure that all of your strands are sitting in the right place before locking them down with some hairspray.

12) Jennifer Aniston’s Sleek Layers

Soft N Straight Purple

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston’s famous Rachel cut, with this being one of the most replicated hairstyles around. However, even if you get your hair cut into those same famous layers, the sleekness that Aniston sports requires a bit of extra work.

For this, you’ll need a good flat iron, just like the Nubi Soft N’ Straight 1.25” Ceramic Purple Styler. Choose a temperature setting that’s high enough to style your hair but low enough to prevent damage. Then, run your flat iron over your locks to straighten them. Thanks to this flat iron’s negative ion technology, your mane will look beautifully sleek and glossy once you’re done. Spend ten minutes on your locks and you won’t have to deal with frizz or flyaways for the rest of the day! 

Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles From Nubi

Celebrities never fail to provide plenty of hair inspiration. No matter the length, texture, or style of your locks, spend a bit of time browsing celebrity hairstyles and you’ll no doubt end up with so many ideas for new ways to wear your hair. Start with the hairstyles featured above and you can’t go wrong. Not only does each one look incredibly chic and stunning, but the fact that they each take less than 10 minutes to create makes them all the more appealing!

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