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10 Haircare Tips to Beat the Heat and Frizz

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If your hair is prone to frizz, then warm and humid weather spells bad news for your locks. All of that extra moisture in the air will cause your hair to reach upward and outward in an attempt to grab hold of some of that water, leaving you with a puffy halo around your head. 

Fortunately, there’s plenty that you can do about this. Read on as Nubi shares 10 haircare tips that will have you beating the frizz and sporting a sleek, smooth mane in no time!

1. Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

There are so many different shampoos and conditioners out there to choose from. While you may want to believe that they all have your hair’s best interests in mind, this is, unfortunately, often not the case. Instead, a large number of the haircare products out there contain ingredients that dry the hair out. This will only leave you more susceptible to frizz.

How do you know if the haircare products that you’re using are moisturizing? Take a look at their ingredient lists. Make sure that there are no sulfates on there. These ingredients are great at cleansing but bad for stripping away the hair’s moisture. Ideally, gentler surfactants should be used. These should be combined with a few different hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Plant butters and oils are great for this and offer up several other benefits to the hair.

2. Double Up With a Leave-in Conditioner

Since frizz and dryness go hand-in-hand, beating the frizz for good means beating the dryness. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will go a long way in helping you to do this, but it’s unlikely to be enough. Once you rinse your conditioner off, your hair will once again be vulnerable to dryness and damage.

What’s the solution? A leave-in conditioner. These are designed to be lightweight, so that they don’t leave your hair feeling greasy or sticky. However, at the same time, they’ll contain ingredients that will give your strands a much silkier finish, making them feel more pliable and elastic. 

3. Use a Diffuser When Blow Drying Your Hair

The Blow Me Away Hairdryer

If you usually leave your hair to air dry, one way to cut back on the amount of frizz you experience is by turning to your blow dryer once your hair is about 80% dry. Finishing the job yourself will give you some control over how your strands set. 

With that said, a blow dryer with a diffuser is a must. This attachment sits on the end of a blow dryer’s nozzle. It enables you to better direct the air flow emitted by your blow dryer. Point the diffuser downward as you’re drying your hair and you’ll encourage your strands to lie flat. This will make them look much smoother, countering the static finish that frizz leaves behind.

If your blow dryer doesn’t have a diffuser, it’s time to invest in one that does. Our top choice would be the Nubi Blow Me Away blow dryer. It’s a professional-level tool that comes with two diffusers, giving you the ability to hone down on your frizz-free drying technique even further.

4. Invest in a High-Quality Flat Iron

Soft N Straight Purple

If you’ve woken up with a hair full of frizz that no amount of brushing can tame, it’s time to turn to your flat iron. While it’s true that heat damage can often cause frizz, not all flat irons will contribute to this. Some, like the Nubi Soft N’ Straight 1.25” Ceramic Purple Styler are designed to straighten the hair to perfection without leaving it feeling damaged in any way.

There are a few features that set this flat iron apart from its competition. The first is its adjustable temperature control. You can choose between 180º-450ºF. When dealing with frizz, go with a low temperature. You’ll only need a small amount of heat to flatten your frizzy strands, and this will do the job without further damaging your hair.

This flat iron also comes with negative ion technology. The purpose of this is to neutralize the positive charges in the hair. By restoring ionic balance in this way, the appearance of frizz is reduced even more. A flat iron that has this tech is a must in your haircare arsenal!

5. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

We’ve already discussed how, much of the time, frizz is down to dryness. Many people think that washing their hair more frequently will help with this dryness but, sadly, that’s not the case.

Instead, each time you wash your hair, you’ll be removing some of the natural protective moisturizing layer that coats each strand. This leaves your hair more vulnerable to frizz and dryness, at least until it can produce more oil. However, if you wash your hair again before it has had the opportunity to do this, you’ll only end up taking away even more of its protective oils.

How often should you be washing your frizz-prone hair? Ideally, you should be leaving it as long as possible in between washes. For some, this may mean washing their hair twice a week. For others who are dealing with severe dryness, once every ten days or so may be better. 

If your hair needs to be refreshed in between washes, a dry shampoo can help. You could also try co-washing, which involves washing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. Conditioners don’t strip away oil in the way that shampoos do but will still help to leave your hair feeling cleaner.

6. Be Careful When Towel Drying

After their hair has been washed, most people tend to reach for their towel and roughly rub their hair in an attempt to get rid of excess moisture. However, this drying technique could be causing your frizz by roughing up your hair cuticles instead of persuading them to lie flat.

Try changing up your technique, so that you’re not scrubbing at your head with your towel. Instead, use your towel to blot your hair. Gently squeeze it in sections, moving your towel up and down your hair as you do so. Using a microfiber towel can be particularly beneficial as this material is known for its fantastic absorption properties.

7. Apply a Hydrating Hair Serum While Your Hair is Still Wet

There are many different anti-frizz products out there, but you don’t necessarily need one of these in order to tackle your frizz. They work by providing moisture to the hair, which is something that a high-quality hydrating hair serum would do too.

However, whether you opt for a dedicated anti-frizz product or you go with a hydrating serum, make sure that you apply it while your hair is still wet. At this stage, it’s much more permeable. This will allow the product to soak into your strands. Apply it while your hair is dry and it will sit on the surface instead, preventing it from significantly helping with your frizz.

8. Invest in Silk Pillowcases

If you often wake up with frizzy hair in the morning, one of the best haircare tips to follow is to invest in silk pillowcases. There’s a good chance that your regular pillowcases are contributing to your frizz, especially if you often toss and turn at night.

How is that connected to frizz? Because each time your hair rubs against your pillow, friction is created. This roughs up your hair cuticles, causing you to wake up with puffy, tangled hair. Swap to silk and your strands will smoothly glide over your pillow while you sleep. Even better, silk won’t absorb moisture from your hair in quite the same way. Not only will you be able to counter the frizz, but you’ll be reducing the feeling of dryness too!

9. Hairspray Can Help

Many people who regularly battle frizz stay away from hairsprays. Spritzing one over the top of your hair once it’s styled may help temporarily but it can sometimes leave you dealing with even more frizz after a few hours.

The good news is that you’re on the right track – you’re just using the wrong method. Instead, rather than applying your hairspray directly to your hair, spray some onto a wide-toothed comb instead. Then, use this to gently comb the frizzy parts of your hair. You’ll be able to push that frizz down and lock it in place, giving your locks a frizz-free finish!

10. Switch Up Your Go-to Hairstyles

The above haircare tips will go a long way in helping you to beat the frizz. However, switching up your hairstyle can make a huge difference too. 

Start by getting any split ends trimmed away. Split ends naturally have a frayed and fluffy appearance, meaning that they’ll be the first parts of your hair to frizz up. There’s no way to fix split ends – a trim is your only option if you want them gone.

Embracing your natural texture can help too. If the weather is particularly warm and humid, don’t try to fight what your hair wants to do. If your hair is curly, work on defining those curls rather than straightening them away. Likewise, if your hair is straight, keep it that way instead of trying to curl it. 

Updos and braids are also great for minimizing frizz. They’ll keep the majority of your hair tied back. This will save a large portion of your strands from coming into contact with the moisture in the air, meaning that they won’t try to stand up. Many of these hairstyles will also protect your hair from environmental damage. This will prevent your hair from drying out even further, once again helping with the frizz.

Haircare Tips From Nubi 

Unfortunately, there’s no single solution that’s going to help you tackle your frizzy hair. Instead, you need to work on this from multiple angles, which is exactly what the haircare tips above will guide you through. From knowing which haircare products to use to understanding the best methods for styling your hair, keep our tips in mind and you’ll soon be sporting smooth, sleek strands that you can be truly proud of!

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