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7 Crucial Steps in a Morning Haircare Routine For a Good Hair Day

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Hoping for a good hair day but know that you’ll be struggling with a tangled bird’s nest as soon as you wake up in the morning?

Fear not – Nubi is here to help! Read on as we share seven crucial hair care steps to carry out in the morning. Follow these tips and it won’t just be a good hair day that you’ll experience – it will be an amazing one!

1. Start With a Cleanse

Clean hair is essential if you’re aiming for a good hair day. After all, hair that looks limp, dull, and greasy is never going to impress!

With that said, shampooing isn’t something that you need to be doing every morning. Over-cleansing your hair can cause a wide range of problems, from dryness to oiliness. Your aim should be to keep your hair in balance. This means that you’ll need to work out how often to wash your hair. 

Your hair type will help to influence this. If your hair is fine and naturally quite greasy, you may need to wash it every other day. The coarser, thicker, and curlier your hair is, the less you should wash it. Shampooing it once a week, or even once every ten days, could leave you with much healthier-looking hair as you’ll be preserving all of those precious oils that naturally moisturize and condition your strands.

If you usually shampoo your hair in the evenings, switching to a morning wash can offer some benefits. It will save you from going to bed with hair that still has some moisture on it. Since hair is at its most fragile state when it’s wet or damp, this will prevent a whole lot of damage. It also means that you won’t wake up with any strands sticking out at unruly angles because they’ve dried and set while you’ve been asleep. Even if you think your hair is dry before you hit the hay, there may still be a few strands that aren’t.

Since a beautifully glossy sheen is vital for a good hair day, don’t pick a harsh or drying shampoo. Go for a sulfate-free formula that contains hydrating and replenishing ingredients. When applying it, focus it on the top half of your hair. The lower half is naturally much drier and is more prone to turning brittle and damaged if shampoo is applied directly to it.

2. Finish With Conditioner

Once you’re done shampooing, it’s time to apply your conditioner. This is a step that you should never skip, no matter how much of a hurry you may be in. If you can’t spare the time to condition, save your hair washing session for the next morning.

Why is a conditioner so essential? Because it will add moisture back into your hair – something that a shampoo removes. A conditioner will also give your hair a smoother and silkier finish, adding shine while reducing frizz. 

How do you pick a good conditioner to use in the mornings?

Again, your hair type will be a major deciding factor. If your hair is very fine, you’ll need a lightweight conditioner that will hydrate your strands without weighing them down. Meanwhile, if your hair is thick or very curly, you’ll need a much richer and deeper conditioner. A leave-in conditioner would work well for this hair type, while also leaving the hair feeling more manageable and easier to style.

When it comes to actually using a conditioner, focus the product on the lower half of your hair. The exception would be if your hair is severely dry. However, even then, allowing your conditioner to get near your roots can result in scalp issues that you don’t want to be dealing with!

Once applied, try to leave it in for the recommended amount of time. If you’re really in a rush and need to rinse it off sooner, then don’t feel guilty. That’s still better than not using a conditioner at all! It just means that your hair won’t have had enough time to soak up the full goodness of the conditioner.

3. De-Tangle Any Knots

Before you actually rinse your conditioner off, there’s one other step that you need to take; detangling. The conditioner will give your hair some extra slip, allowing you to detangle more easily. However, don’t forget that wet hair is weak hair. Detangling is much smoother when the hair is saturated with conditioner, but you’ll also need to be gentle as it will be more susceptible to snapping.

While there are plenty of detangling tools out there, try to start by using your fingers. Gently rake your fingers through your lengths, manually working through any knots that you encounter. Your fingers will be much more sensitive to any knots than a detangling tool will, making you less likely to yank on your strands and cause breakages. 

Once you’ve worked your way through all of the tangles that your fingers are capable of tackling, you can then move on to use a wide-toothed comb or another de-tangling tool. As always, start with the lower lengths of your hair and work your way up. This will prevent tugging at your roots and scalp.

4. Blot Your Wet Hair With a Microfiber Towel

By this stage, you’ll have put quite a bit of time into your hair care routine, so make sure that you don’t ruin it by vigorously rubbing your strands with a towel. This will only rough up your hair cuticles, contributing to frizz. It could also leave your hair damaged, which is something that any sort of friction can do.

What’s the solution? 

Gently squeezing and blotting the moisture out. If you’re thinking that your regular towel wouldn’t do this very well, this is where microfiber comes in. Microfiber towels are highly absorbent. Spend a few minutes gently wringing out excess water and blotting your soaking strands with your towel and you’ll be able to remove so much more water than if you had used a terrycloth. It’s perfect for a morning hair care routine when you don’t have too much time to spare to allow your hair to air dry.

5. Apply a Hair Serum

While some people prefer to apply a hair serum after their hair has fully dried, we’d recommend using one while your locks are still damp. 

Why? Because hair is more permeable when it’s damp. This will enable it to absorb more of the product that you’re applying. All of those vitamins and antioxidants infused into your hair serum will be able to sink into your strands rather than sitting on the surface. This will leave your hair looking glossy rather than greasy – essential for a good hair day!

The great thing about a hair serum is that it doubles up as a heat protectant. Not only will it quench your locks and provide your hair with vital nutrients, but it will also form a physical barrier that takes the brunt of the heat when you use a heated styling tool, which, as it so happens, is the next step…

6. Air Dry and Then Blow Dry

The Blow Me Away Hairdryer

Ideally, you should be giving your hair some time to air dry before you start blow drying it. The wetter it is when you reach for your blow dryer, the longer you’ll need to blow dry it for. Using heat on your strands for an extended period of time will likely end up drying and damaging your hair in the long run.

However, chances are that you aren’t going to have time to wait for your hair to slowly become 75% dry. This is what makes the previous step of this routine, the heat protectant/hair serum, so important. If you plan on blow drying your hair for longer than you should, then a heat protectant is crucial.

One way to prevent the appearance of damage when blow drying is to choose a high-quality blow dryer. There are a few key features to keep an eye out for, all of which you’ll find in the Nubi Blow Me Away blow dryer. This cutting-edge blow dryer has a 1600-2100 Watt motor, placing it at a professional level. This means that it will get the job done so much faster than a hairdryer with a smaller motor. 

It also offers three temperature settings, enabling you to customize your blow dry to your hair type. Again, rather than going with the hottest setting, turning the heat down a bit will help to prevent the appearance of dryness, frizz, and damage.

You’ll also notice that this blow dryer comes with two concentrator attachments. These work to direct the airflow emitted from the blow dryer. It enables you to fine-tune your blow dry while giving your hair a smoother and sleeker finish.

7. Styling to Perfection

Soft N Straight Purple

If you’re confident about styling your hair with just your blow dryer, then you’ll be able to skip this step. However, if you want to give your hair some extra finesse, now is the time to do so.

One of our favorite ways to ensure a good hair day is with the Soft N‘ Straight 1.25” Ceramic Purple Styler from Nubi. Its snag-resistant ceramic plates glide seamlessly through the hair, leaving behind a straight and glossy section. Thanks to its negative ion technology, you won’t have to worry about frizz, while the adjustable temperature dial will save you from exposing your hair to excessive heat.

If you like the idea of straight and shiny strands but don’t have time to straighten your hair in the morning, the Nubi Simply Sleek Brush could be just what you need. Plug it in and it will heat up, allowing you to use the brush to style your hair while you run the bristles through your strands. It won’t leave your hair quite as straight as a flat iron will, but it will have it looking smoother and tamer in no time!

It’s Always a Good Hair Day With Nubi!

If it has been a while since you’ve had the luxury of enjoying a good hair day, it’s time to make some changes. Follow the hair care routine that we’ve detailed above and you’ll be surprised at how soft, manageable, and silky your hair looks by the end of it!

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