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Unlocking Your Styling Potential: Must-Have Hair Tools for Every Hair Type

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When it comes to hairstyling, the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. Those with natural curls crave straight and sleek locks, while those with naturally straight hair yearn for bouncy waves. 

Fortunately, the styling tools of today make that easy. Not only are many of them multi-functional but pick the right tool and you won’t have to worry about causing any unnecessary damage to your precious mane. With good hair tools, you’ll be able to straighten, twirl, and flip your locks to perfection, no matter your hair type.

How do you go about matching your hair type to suitable hair tools? That’s where Nubi can help. Read on as we share some of the must-have hair tools for every hair type.

Thick & Curly Hair

sleek control blue

Looking for a hair tool that’s capable of quickly straightening your thick and curly locks? Thick curls can often be quite resistant to heated styling tools, so you need a product that will effectively take control of your mane to tame those curls.

That’s where the Nubi Sleek Control Royal Teal comes in. This model boasts tourmaline ceramic plates. This means that the plates heat up quickly but distribute heat evenly, enabling you to achieve a professional-looking finish in no time.

It heats up to a temperature of 450ºF, which is ideal for anyone with thicker locks. If your hair type is thinner or more fragile, then 450ºF could cause some damage. However, anyone with coarse hair will need this much heat to set their style. One or two passes through each section of hair should be enough to straighten your locks. This will save you from damaging them by having to run your straightener over each section of hair several times.

The floating plate technology makes this straightener even easier to use. This allows the plates to adjust their pressure as you glide your hair through, meaning a beautifully even finish. Floating plates are exactly what you want when dealing with thick and unruly hair – they will make styling your mane so much easier!

If you’re not a fan of the vivid teal color that this straightener comes in, we also have the same model in a soft baby pink!

Wavy Hair

sleek brush

Wavy hair is a very sought-after hair type. You’re halfway between curly and straight, meaning that both of those styles are relatively easy to achieve. Of course, you could also embrace your waves and rock all of that natural texture and movement too!

One hair tool that will enable you to do all of that is the Nubi Simply Sleek Brush. Unlike a traditional hair straightener, a hot brush isn’t designed to completely flatten your hair. Instead, it will smooth down waves, curls, and kinks, leaving you with straight locks that still have plenty of volume and texture. They’re ideal for wavy hair because of how they’re so fantastic at de-frizzing the mane without leaving it looking limp and lifeless.

Our hot brush comes with a ceramic plate, which is known for being the gentlest of all plate materials. The plate heats up to 285º-430ºF – you can adjust the temperature based on how thick or thin your wavy hair type is. With five temperature settings to choose from, you’ll be able to pick the perfect amount of heat to style your locks without damaging them.

Never used a heated brush before? As you glide the brush through your hair, the bristles will control and guide your hair against the warm plate, which is why so many people find a hot brush much easier and faster to use than a regular flat iron. What makes this model even better is its infrared and negative ion technology. Both help to keep the hair looking smooth and sleek while preventing the appearance of damage.

Straight or Fine Hair

nubi set up

People with a straight hair type often look for ways in which they can add some curl and movement to their locks, making Nubi’s The Set Up the perfect choice. This duo comes with two styling tools; the Simply Sleek hot brush that we’ve just featured, as well as our Sleek Curl clipless curling wand.

While some people prefer curling irons, we love the natural-looking finish that a curling wand provides. The curls that it will create are looser and more relaxed, and you won’t have to worry about any unsightly bends or kinks caused by a curling iron’s clip. Sure, you may need to practice using a curling wand for a while since a certain technique is needed in order to master its usage, but your efforts will be well worth it!

The curling wand that comes in The Set Up features a 3/4″-1″ barrel. Tapered barrels are usually the best choice because they give you so much more flexibility when styling. You’ll be able to produce a beautifully defined S-shaped curl, resulting in a much more natural-looking finish.

Of course, if you decide that you want to rock straight hair for the day, then you can reach for the Simply Sleek Brush that comes with this set. As mentioned above, there are five temperature settings to choose from, meaning that you’ll be able to style even the thinnest and most fragile of locks without harming them.

All Hair Types

blow dryer

While some hair tools are better suited to a certain hair type, others work for everyone, with our Blow Me Away hair dryer being a prime example. While many people rely on their hair dryer to simply dry their hair, those with a little more know-how are able to create the most elaborate styles with nothing more than their blow dryer.

Of course, for this, you need a quality hair dryer, which is where ours really shines. It’s a professional model that comes with three temperature settings, making it ideal for every hair type. 

We’ve included two concentrators with this hair dryer too. This helps to control the airflow emitted by the machine. It will add body, shape, and definition to your locks, making it particularly beneficial for those with a wavy or curly hair type. That said, even people with straight hair will benefit from the de-frizzing properties of a good concentrator.

Like any good hair dryer, ours boasts a cool shot function as well. This is designed to be used once you’re done drying your hair. It will send out a blast of cool air that will help your hair to cool down while setting your style. The result will be a hairstyle that lasts for so much longer and looks much sleeker and glossier.

Minimizing the Appearance of Heat Damage When Styling Your Hair

Heated styling tools can be transformational, but there’s no getting away from the potential damage that they could cause your hair. So, to avoid this, follow these tips:

Always Use a Heat Protectant

No matter your hair type, a heat protectant is essential. These are available in many forms, with their primary purpose being to create a barrier on the outer surface of your hair. This prevents your heated styling tools from scorching your locks – the heat will instead burn away the layer of heat protectant that you’ve applied while still working to style your strands.

Keep Your Hair in Good Condition

hair care nubi

Want your hair to look flawless once you’re done styling it? Unfortunately, no matter how good your hair tools may be, they won’t be able to improve the health of your hair. The only way to ensure that your locks are as healthy as possible is to take good care of them.

This means establishing a solid hair care routine. Regularly shampooing and conditioning your hair is a must, although ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you’re using is good quality. The Nubi Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner, for example, is a sulfate-free formula that will leave your locks feeling soft and deeply conditioned, making them so much easier to style.

Don’t Heat Style Every Day

While you may be tempted to reach for your heated styling tools every day to perfect your locks, it’s important to avoid this temptation. Even if you’re extremely careful with how you use heat on your hair, you’ll still undoubtedly be causing a little damage. In order to properly recover from this, your hair needs a break every once in a while.

Heat styling a few days a week isn’t a problem, but give your strands some rest days in between. There are plenty of gorgeous styles out there that can be created without the use of heat. So, spend some time exploring and experimenting with all of these other options.

Never Heat Style Wet Hair

You’re probably familiar with the sizzling sound that arises when a heated styling tool comes into contact with damp hair. This spells serious damage, which is why every expert out there will advise against heat styling wet hair. When your hair is wet, it’s so much more fragile and less elastic than when it’s dry. This makes it more susceptible to damage, which is why you should always wait until your hair has dried before heat styling.

And yes, this applies to using a hair dryer too, although with a slight exception. Of course, the purpose of a hair dryer is to dry your hair, but you should still avoid using it on hair that’s sopping wet. This will only require you to subject your hair to the heat from your dryer for a longer period of time in order to actually dry it, leaving you much more vulnerable to heat damage. Instead, air dry or towel dry your hair until it’s only slightly damp, before finishing the job with your hair dryer.

Find the Perfect Tool for Your Hair Type With Nubi

No matter your hair type, you’ll no doubt find a hair tool that’s absolutely perfect for what you need when you browse Nubi’s online store. Whether you’re seeking straight, curly, or wavy locks, or perhaps something completely different, our professional-grade styling tools will enable you to get creative with hundreds of different styles, all while preventing the appearance of heat damage from interfering with your healthy-looking finish.

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