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How to Style Bangs So They Look Good

woman bangs

Bangs tend to look incredibly chic when they’ve just been cut, but give them a couple of days and that flawless fringe you were sporting can suddenly look unruly. Between pieces of hair sticking out at odd angles and the frizz that commonly takes over those shorter strands, it’s easy to understand why people often regret their decision to go for bangs.

While it’s true that bangs aren’t a low-maintenance, wash-and-go hairstyle, styling your fringe doesn’t need to be a drawn-out, painstaking process. If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to style bangs so that they look perfectly put together, read on as Nubi shares some top tips!

Start By Making Sure That You Have the Right Bangs For Your Face Shape

From blunt to wispy to curtain, bangs come in all shapes and sizes. It can be tempting to opt for a fringe style that’s currently trending but, unless that style also happens to work with your face shape, you’re only going to be creating even more work for yourself.

Say, for example, your face shape is round. Micro blunt bangs will only accentuate your short forehead. Instead, you’d be better off with curtain bangs or a wispy fringe, both of which will emphasize your cheekbones.

Wispy bangs work well for square face shapes too. Go with a feathered look and your bangs will soften your facial features, beautifully complementing your face.

Those with an oval face shape can pull off just about every type of fringe, whereas a triangular face shape always looks stunning with side-swept crescent bangs.

Of course, these aren’t hard rules. By all means, experiment with various bang styles. However, keep in mind that a fringe that naturally flatters your facial features will be so much easier to style!

Learn How to Blow Dry Your Bangs

The Blow Me Away Hairdryer

While it’s true that you should give your hair some time to air dry before you start blasting it with a blow dryer, this doesn’t tend to apply to bangs. Sure, they need to air dry too but due to their length, this usually happens very quickly. 

Because of this, start blow drying your bangs ASAP once you’re done washing your hair, even if this means ignoring the rest of your lengths until later. 

A good blow dryer will also make it much easier to style bangs. Ideally, you need a model with a powerful motor and a couple of different diffuser attachments, just like Nubi’s Blow Me Away blow dryer. Not only will this enable you to get the job done faster, but the diffusers will help to focus the airflow from your blow dryer, giving you a much sleeker finish.

Your technique is also key when blow drying your bangs. For a professional finish, you’ll need the help of a paddle or round brush. Simply hold the brush underneath your bangs to provide some tension before blow drying your strands in the direction you want them to fall. Keep brushing them as you work, continuing until your bangs are dry.

Give Your Bangs an Extra Shampoo Session When Needed

Nubi Conditioner

Just about every hairstylist would agree that over-washing hair can have disastrous consequences. It can cause the hair to quickly dry out, making strands more brittle and prone to damage.

However, bangs tend to get dirtier faster than the rest of the hair does. This is down to how they’re constantly in contact with the face. Each time those strands swipe against your skin, some of your skin’s sebum will transfer over onto your hair. It doesn’t take long for this to build up, causing bangs to look limp and dull.

A dry shampoo can provide a temporary reprieve, but don’t be afraid to properly wash your bangs if needed, even if the rest of your hair doesn’t need to be shampooed yet. Simply tie the rest of your hair back and give your bangs a wash. 

Since these extra shampooing sessions could put your bangs at risk of damage, always follow up with a rich conditioner. The Nubi Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner, which is infused with vitamins and plant oils, would be perfect for this. It will leave your bangs feeling much stronger and healthier!

Use Your Flat Iron to Your Advantage

Soft N Straight Purple

People often shy away from straightening their bangs as the wrong technique can quickly leave you with unwanted bends and angles. However, a hair straightener can be such a convenient tool to have when you need to style bangs – you just need the right flat iron and the correct technique. 

When choosing a flat iron to use on your bangs, go with a model that has narrow plates. Avoid anything wider than 1” as this will only make it much harder to maneuver the tool around your fringe. If your flat iron is on the wide side but you plan on rocking your bangs for a while, it would be worth investing in a second hair straightener. A model like Nubi’s Soft N‘ Straight 1.25” Ceramic Purple Styler, with its 1” floating tourmaline plates, would be perfect for bangs.

In terms of actually using your flat iron to style bangs, there are a few methods that you can try. One popular technique is to work in small sections, using a fine-toothed comb to place your strands onto the plate of your flat iron. Then, rather than clamping down, rotate your hair straightener around that section of your hair while it’s still slightly open. This should give you enough heat to style bangs without causing them to bend into an unnatural shape.

Another option would be to section your bangs horizontally, so that you have a top layer and a bottom layer. Pin the top layer back and straighten the bottom layer, moving your flat iron in the direction you want your bangs to fall. Once you’re done, unpin the top layer and repeat. This will save your straightened bangs from looking too rigid.

Know When to Reach For Your Curling Wand


If you have wavy or curly hair and want your bangs to rock the same natural movement, a curling wand can be a very useful styling tool to have.

Again, just like when it comes to using a hair straightener to style bangs, your curling wand should be on the small side. It’s near impossible to wrap bangs around a fat, chunky barrel, especially if you don’t want to end up burning your face! 

Clipless wands are also the way to go when working with bangs. They may take a little more getting used to than a curling iron with a clamp but you’ll be able to add waves to your fringe without having to deal with the unsightly dent that a clamped curling iron leaves behind.

This is why we always recommend our Sleek Curl clipless curling wand to anyone who is trying to style bangs. Its 3/4″-1″ barrel is perfect for shorter strands, and its lightweight design makes it easy to manipulate this tool around your locks.

Lock Your Bangs in Place With a Hairspray

Nubi Styling Spray

Less is definitely more when it comes to using hair products on your bangs. Going overboard will only cause your bangs to look weighed down. This means that you need to be choosy about the products that you apply.

With that said, one hair product that can be a game-changer in helping you to style bangs is a hairspray. Not only will this help to lock your beautifully styled bangs in place, but the right formula will also help to tackle the look of frizz while preventing flyaways. That’s why people with bangs tend to love the Nubi Styling Spray. It feels weightless when applied, making it great for bangs, yet it has a super-strong hold. 

As always, your application technique is everything. Pointing the nozzle at your fringe and haphazardly spraying will only make your bangs look rigid and crispy. Instead, focus the spray on your roots rather than the ends of your bangs. Spritz them from both sides, meaning from above and from underneath. This way, your strands receive full coverage. Then, use your fingers to make sure that every single hair is coate. At this stage, if needed, you could also spritz a small amount of hairspray onto your fingers and then use this to shape any parts of your bangs that you aren’t happy with.

Pin Your Bangs Away When Carrying Out Your Skincare Routine

Facial Day Moisturizer

Once you’ve spent a while styling your bangs, it goes without saying that you’ll want your new look to last for as long as possible. This makes it important to prevent your bangs from coming into contact with moisture, which includes the products from your skincare routine.

To do this, you’ll need to pin your bangs away from your face when you’re applying your skincare products. However, once you’re done, don’t be too hasty about releasing your bangs. Instead, wait for ten minutes or so. This will give your skincare products enough time to penetrate your skin, saving your bangs from picking up all of that product residue.

Regular Trims Make it Easier to Effortlessly Style Bangs

If you’ve signed up for bangs, then this means that you’ll need to become a regular at your hair salon. While some hairstyles make it easy to wait two or three months between trims, bangs aren’t one of them. Instead, if you want to keep your fringe looking fresh, frequent touch-ups are needed.

For most people, this means having a trim every two to three weeks. The average person’s hair grows around a quarter of an inch each month. This may not seem like much in relation to the rest of your hair but, when it comes to bangs, even this small amount of growth against your forehead can make a fringe look messy and uneven.


If you’re new to bangs, learning how to style them can feel like a daunting mission. However, taking some time to perfect your styling technique is more than worthwhile. Practice the above tips and you’ll no longer have to deal with a messy, frizzy fringe – instead, your bangs will look effortlessly flawless, enabling them to complement your face in the way that they should!

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